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AUG 18th 7PM ET / 4PM PT
Considering Art : Considering Vocabulary

Abi Ola specializes in painting, drawing, screen printing, collaging, batik, and textiles. Her artwork focuses on shapes and patterns - drawing inspiration from old photographs and fabrics that Ola finds in her house and different exhibitions. These finds include Oceanic Art from the Royal Academy of Arts, African textiles from the British Museum, and William Morris wallpaper designs lifted from various stately and historic homes.

"When painting the figures in the photographs, I realized that I was much more interested in the shapes and patterns that I found in their clothes than the figures themselves. Therefore, I began to focus on the shapes and patterns, and create my pattern designs in my paintings." - Abi Ola

In this tour, we embark on some close looking. We ask: What is a pattern? How does that of the 'reiterative' influence daily behavior, identity, and language? Where is the site of identity? Who's voice do we use when we speak?

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