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AUG 24th 7PM ET / 4PM PT
Considering Antidote | Parham Ghalamdar

Parham Ghalamdar (B. 1994 Tehran, Iran) working and living in Manchester, UK is a painter operating under the shadow of the digital and internet culture. Parham paints by relying on and expanding on the histories and traditions of Western and Persian paintings."Painting is a philosophical enterprise that doesn't always involve paint." "...a way of organizing the world that represents neither truth nor fiction exclusively but rather a little of both. Whether an artist uses a brush or a camera [or an Artificial Intelligence engine or the Adobe apps] to achieve that goal scarcely matters."

In this tour, we embark on some close looking. Together we ask: What do you see?

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AUG 17th 7PM ET / 4PM PT
Considering Paradox | Saelia Aparicio

Saelia Aparicio operates within the paradoxical spaces that we can find in what we consider the normal and the everyday, using a unique symbolic system to represent, but also to digest, a stark reality. The artist creates a speculative universe for the audience and invites them to imagine with her, creating an ecosystem of characters and situations that drives us, without guiding us, into this fascinating thing we call present. From invasive species, to housing problems, pollution or climate crisis, her work navigates within this convoluted momentum using whispers instead of statements, talking through the materials she uses, the objects she builds, the shapes she creates.

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Unlike a typical museum / gallery tour experience, here at Considering.Art™ - it’s not really about us, we are more interested in YOU. Your ideas. Your way of seeing. Your thinking. 🙌 

Never recorded, and each one unique, our interactive and explorative video tours last 90 mins in duration and are facilitated LIVE by your very own interpretative guides.

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We believe in the power of art and community as a means of building a more equitable, inclusive and just future.

With a focus
on contemporary and modern art, together we aim to explore some of the most pressing issues of today - bringing thoughts, feelings, and observations into a lively and sometimes challenging exchange. 

Tours are FREE, open to ALL and broadcast LIVE from NYC Wednesdays at 7pm ET / 4pm PT.