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MAR 29th 7PM ET / 4PM PT
Considering Turbulence | Kudzanai Chiurai 

Kudzanai Chiurai's practice presents history as a cyclical process in which colonial and postcolonial legacies are closely intertwined. In his photographs, films and installations, he engages with histories of southern Africa to question linear narratives of progress and development, and challenge colonial narratives that paint Africa as the 'dark' continent of savagery and decay.

Chiurai's work does not conceive of time through Western notions of evolution and devolution. Rather, the artist is interested in alternative ways of presenting history as a response to the ongoing turbulence of the twenty-first century, connecting contemporary events to mythologies of ancient kingdoms. In the process, the works confront viewers with the moral and psychological consequences of colonial struggle and its continuing legacies.

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MAR 22nd 7PM ET / 4PM PT
Considering Introspection | Virginia Chihota

In Virginia Chihota's introspective world of shadows and illusions, personal experiences are translated into a powerful language of abstract symbols. At the centre of the work is a continual exploration of femininity through the events of childbearing and motherhood that connect women around the world. Giving visual form to these experiences, Chihota's shapeshifting figures appear to float in fields of abstract colour where body parts are reduced to detached limbs and physical gestures.Mirroring the artist's reflections on the turmoil and resilience of the human spirit, Chihota's work speaks to a process of becoming, in which the mind and body are captured in a constant state of transformation.

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