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SEP 28th 7PM ET / 4PM PT
Considering Considering Procession | Hew Locke

Hew Locke explores the languages of colonial and post-colonial power, how different cultures fashion their identities through visual symbols of authority, and how these representations are altered by the passage of time. These explorations have led Locke to a wide range of subject matters, imagery and media, assembling sources across time and space in his deeply layered artworks..

In this tour, we embark on some close looking. Together we ask: What do you see?

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SEP 21st 7PM ET / 4PM PT
Considering Considering Figures | Sandra Mujinga

Sandra Mujinga’s multidisciplinary practice is driven by a profound interest in the body – and its absence. In her uncanny installations, ghostly hooded figures, sculptures, and fantastical hybrid creatures are made instruments of observation. Taking inspiration from animal survival strategies such as camouflage and nocturnality, science fiction’s concept of “world-building,” posthumanist thought, and Afro-futurism, Mujinga proposes an imaginary world where cyborg existence does not necessarily signal a threat to autonomy; rather, hybridity functions as protection.

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Unlike a typical museum / gallery tour experience, here at Considering.Art™ - it’s not really about us, we are more interested in YOU. Your ideas. Your way of seeing. Your thinking. 🙌 

Never recorded, and each one unique, our interactive and explorative video tours last 90 mins in duration and are facilitated LIVE by your very own interpretative guides.

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We believe in the power of art and community as a means of building a more equitable, inclusive and just future.

With a focus
on contemporary and modern art, together we aim to explore some of the most pressing issues of today - bringing thoughts, feelings, and observations into a lively and sometimes challenging exchange. 

Tours are FREE, open to ALL and broadcast LIVE from NYC Wednesdays at 7pm ET / 4pm PT.