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SEP 15th 7PM ET / 4PM PT Considering Art : Considering Belonging

Latifah Stranack’s visual world consists of multi-layered figurative and landscape abstracts, with a dream-like quality and distinctive use of vivid colours. Some pieces may almost seem like objects of material culture that have an organic indigenous quality to them yet mixed with the sophistication of a well-travelled cosmopolitan, with strong Middle Eastern influences throughout. Through her imagery, she explores what it is to be human in the face of socio-political crisis like war, forced migration and exile. Weaving innovative narratives over mixed media and fabric covered canvases, she tells moving and cathartic tales of ancestry and family across displacements of culture, time and loss. She invites her audience to explore human resilience and vulnerability, feeling out how connected we are through global challenges - regardless of race, religion and gender.

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