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DEC 14th 7PM ET / 4PM PT
Considering Place | Amoako Boafo

Amoako Boafo uses painting as an means to navigate Blackness as a way of being in the world. Inspired by his immediate community of friends and family, Boafo's lively portraits are drawn from his observations of their personal style and self-expression. Responding to the absence of Black figures in the history of Western painting, Boafo's large-scale portraits frame his subjects as individuals worthy of celebration and cultural recognition. These often joyous figure are positioned at the centre of the composition, depicted against luminous fields of vibrant colour. Their direct gaze disrupts the viewer's observations, calling into question the pleasures and politics of looking and being seen. With each subject, Boafo celebrates the bold and imaginative ways in which Black people are fashioning their own identities around the world today.

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