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MAY 17th 7PM ET / 4PM PT
Considering Cargo | Serge Alain Nitegeka

Upon first impressions, Serge Alain Nitegeka's installations and paintings appear to be purely abstract, concerned with line, colour and space. However, these works are deeply symbolic, confronting the viewer with issues of forced migration and a world divided by impenetrable borders and invisible frontiers.

Combining painting, sculpture and drawing, Nitegeka bisects spaces to choreograph the viewer's movements.In his paintings, bold black lines of acrylic paint divide canvases into fragmented landscapes of abstract colour, suggesting a journey met by constant barriers and disruptions, while immersive installations present the viewer with the challenge of physically navigating them. These works speak of the physical and conceptual conditions involved with living in an in-between state, as experienced by countless migrants and asylum seekers around the world. With each body of work, Nitegeka draws from his personal memories which form the narratives underlying his compositions. The destabilizing sense of being confronted by physical or perceptual obstacles becomes symbolic of a migratory perspective of a world viewed from the outer edge of freedom.

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